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Budgeting Arena - Temur Elementals, an agressive deck with lots of value!

A tribal deck which is extremely aggressive and which can also ramp mana very quickly

This article belongs to the series Budgeting Arena: Playing and Advancing on a budget:

1. Budgeting Arena - Temur Elementals, an agressive deck with lots of value!

Elementals are a tribe which is very present in some collections. Although this isn't Tier 1 tribe on the Standard format, sometimes it manages to conquer its space on the competitive scenario. The complete version of the deck focuses on fast land ramping and then using these lands to fill the board with elementals which will receive attack bonuses from [card](Creeping Trailblazer), [card](Bolt Hound) e [card](Chandra, Novice Pyromancer), besides the one from the companion [card](Kaheera, the Orphanguard). However, with the amount of mana generated by the deck, we have a second win condition, which is casting [card](Ugin, the Spirit Dragon) in just a few turns or put it on the battlefield with [card](Genesis Ultimatum). [deck](52478) BUDGETING On the budget version, we unfortunately remove the alternative win condition, which means both [card](Ugin, the Spirit Dragon) and [card](Genesis Ultimatum) are removed from the deck. We also remove [card](Kaheera, the Orphanguard). We will still keep 2 copies of [card](Chandra, Novice Pyromancer), which is normally used only to buff the power of our elementals until the end of the turn, but she can also be used to generate mana or even to cause damage to any target. We will also keep 2 copies of [card](Creeping Trailblazer) which besides increasing the power of the elementals we control can also receive an attack bonus until the end of the turn for each elemental we control. Finally, we'll keep 4 copies of [card](Bolt Hound), which increases the power of our creatures until the turn ends. To make the best possible use of these buffs, the deck has: We'll keep 4 copies of [card](Lightning Stormkin), which has evasion (flying), to attack more easily, including with the haste it has which allows it to be played and attack immediately. We also maintain 2 copies of [card](Scampering Scorcher) which enters the battlefield while creating elemental tokens to increase the aggression of our board. We also add 4 copies of [card](Scorch Spitter) which causes direct damage to the target it is attacking. Besides the aggressive part of the deck, we also have the ramp part: We keep 4 copies of [card](Arboreal Grazer) which, although it isn't an elemental, it helps us to fill the board with lands on the early game. We also keep 4 copies of [card](Risen Reef), which assists in ramping everytime it or another elemental comes into play. We increase from 2 to 4 the copies of [card](Parcelbeast), which also assists with ramping or refilling our hand. We remove the 4 copies of [card](Cavalier of Thorns). As support: We remove 2 copies of [card](Omnath, Locus of the Roil). We add 2 more copies (total of 4) of [card](Cloudkin Seer) which helps us to draw more cards. 4 copies of [card](Healer of the Glade) are added to keep us alive for a longer time As for the mana base, we remove all copies of [card](Ketria Triome), [card](Steam Vents), [card](Breeding Pool), [card](Stomping Ground), [card](Temple of Epiphany), [card](Temple of Abandon) and [card](Temple of Mystery). We add 2 copies of [card](Thornwood Falls), 2 copies of [card](Swiftwater Cliffs) e 2 copies of [card](Rugged Highlands). Finally, we increase from 1 to 5 the copies of [card](Forest), from 1 to 5 the copies of [card](Island) and from 1 to 6 the copies of [card](Mountain). And with these changes we have the following list: [deck](52479) Albeit the alterations, the deck can still fill the board extremely quickly with creatures and landsand then attack the opponent with the elementals with increased power thanks to [card](Creeping Trailblazer), [card](Bolt Hound) and [card](Chandra, Novice Pyromancer).




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