The need to try something new in Magic

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The need to try something new in Magic

Here you will find my arguments to prove that changes are intended to improve Magic. We should not fear it.

By Luiz, 05/20/20, with help from our readers

I have been writing here at Cards Realm for a while and I will comment on something that makes Magic alive: its adaptability and variety. Both in lists, as in bans and new cards in formats. First of all, "dissatisfaction creates movement" and movement creates new possibilities. I, for example, out of dissatisfaction at seeing many injustices, some that cost good friends of gambling, moved in the direction of working for new initiatives. Here is one of them, and that's why I am a great enthusiast and collaborator of Cards Realm.


When you find something wrong or disconnected in a format, you have two options: either conform and adapt; or try to change and create, support new perspectives and formats that most closely resemble your thinking. That's how pauper came about, looking for an affordable option in Magic. This is how Commander came about, a more accessible option, with a more varied pool for casual players. Now we have the cEDH, the competitive aspect of it. Some formats arise from the need for the WotC to change standards and explore new markets, such as the Pioneer format, the old T4. Modern itself was a response to the extremely expensive and restricted niche of Legacy and Vintage. So, today the known formats are nothing more than a union between the players' needs and the company's market vision. When playing Pauper or Commander, understand that it contains the dissatisfaction of a person who put that format into practice so that Magic could better serve it. And it worked. That is why every initiative deserves respect. Some are totally out of the company's control, like Commander for example, and others are more short-handed like Pionner and Modern, but invariably coming from these initiatives. It is a huge nonsense everyone wanting mechanics and cards that impact the game, but when the game is impacted by new mechanics the same people complain. And that's how I see most players. Understand that the search for new mechanics will generate many ups and downs and that this is normal. And what can I do to stimulate these formats? Simple:

try the new one

. Build decks according to similar formats and try, because only your support can make a format succeed. Be optimistic about new formats and don't criticize new initiatives. After all, a good part of what you play today came from those initiatives. Understand that not a long time ago the question was: "Can Modern be a Legacy worsened or a can it be new format with much more access?", and the same analogy can be applied to all other formats that came after Vintage and T2 (Standard). What changed was only your vision that can be optimistic with those who want to change or fearsome of changes that does not evolve the game itself. As in life, there is always a need to change.
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Luiz Cláudio de Souza Reis Besamat, personal training, jogador de magic desde 1995, ex-jogador de legacy, atual commandeiro. Louco pelo magic, suas histórias e todas as suas mudanças.

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The need to try something new in Magic

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Here you will find my arguments to prove that changes are intended to improve Magic. We sh...

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