The Story of Kamahl - Odyssey

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The Story of Kamahl - Odyssey

When I started playing Magic, the lore was about the story of Kamahl and, even today, Odyssey and Onslaught blocks are my favorites. Today, I will talk about the beginning of this great story.

By InvoKando, 06/13/20

South of the continent of Otaria, The Cabal controlled several cities, the most important of which was the city of Cabal. Its main activity is to organize fights between gladiators to entertain the population and raise funds to seize power across the continent. Its members invoke monstrosities to fight and, in this arena, there are no rules, what matters is to win. Kabbalah is led by a mysterious

Cabal Patriarch

. Opposing The Cabal we have a military organization called the Order. Led by

Pianna, Nomad Captain

, it controls the north of the continent, and the battle between The Cabal and The Order has been fought for years. Trying to bring peace and law to Otaria, members of the Order are forced to fight in the coliseum in order to gain recognition from the population, while defending their other territories.


Other important region of the continent was the Mer Empire, an underwater empire that extends throughout the continent and is governed by

Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

. The undersea empire is inhabited by Cephalids as well as excellent wizards, these creatures are great merchants, as the empire possessed great wealth of treasures and crafts, giving them considerable influence among the cultures of the surface. We also have the Krosa forest, which has seen a worrying increase in the wildness of its animals, the creatures have been threatened by both The Cabal and The Order that hunt the creatures and revolt the inhabitants of the forest. And the last important region in our history is the brown mountains where dwarves, fire creatures, goblins and proud barbarians live, and it is in these mountains that Kamahl's story begins.
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Not much is known about

Kamahl, Pit Fighter

's childhood, except that his grandfather was a legend among barbarians and that he had a fire elemental as a pet. The creature burned his hair, which never grew again. He went to the city of Cabal to gain wealth and fame through fighting in the

Cabal Pit

. His fighting technique was a mixture of barbaric hand-to-hand combat skills and red magic that he combined with his huge two-handed sword that was rumored to have been created by Urza's artisans. Upon arriving in the city, Kamahl was scorned by the local wealthy because of his poor appearance and barbaric origins, but through an impressive display of his magical skills he managed to get a sponsorship to compete in Cabal's coliseum. During the presentation of the fighters, prizes for winner, gold, weapons, armor and an artifact called


were also presented. It was the first time that Kamahl saw the Mirari, the promise was that the artifact would fulfill any wish of the winner. From there on, he became obsessed with the sphere.
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Kamahl easily defeated the first enemies. During the battle he befriended two other fighters: the druid centaur

Seton, Krosan Protector

, who came to fight for the Krosa forest in order to stop the attacks on the forest that was being devastated and irritating the big animals, and the other was called

Chainer, Nightmare Adept

, a young man from the cabal who was representing the organization. Kamahl became the audience's favorite and everyone started to bet on the barbarian. However, the battle in the wells was interrupted by a Krosan Dragon's attack. And from then on Kamahl's life would change drastically. A great reward was offered to anyone who killed the dragon. Our hero went over the creature and managed to kill it, the dragon fell on Kamahl who took a while to rise and when he got up he saw that the reward for the dragon's death was given to the Order's representative, the Avian

Lieutenant Kirtar

. He could ask for any of the prizes and asked for Mirari. Feeling wronged and full of fury, Kamahl began his journey to claim the artifact for him.
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Kirtar returned to the city of the Order. The organization believed that all artifacts should be destroyed, as it could cause the destruction of the world, but the Avian did not follow these ideals. He used Mirari's powers to take control of the organization. Kamahl pursued him and infiltrated the Order's fortress, but failed to steal the Mirari before Kirtar used the device to cast a devastating spell that froze much of the fortress, including Captain Pianna and Kirtar himself. Luckily, Kamahl escaped from the spell and continued his search for Mirari, but the artifact was in the hands of another fortress invader, the Cephalid

Ambassador Laquatus

, who was also obsessed with the item. Kamahl went over to Laquatus, but the merman handed the artifact to one of his servants and asked to take it to the underwater empire while he was going to hold the barbarian there. The ambassador's servants took the artifact to Mer Empire. Kamhal managed to get rid of Laquatus, but failed to reach an empire that was submerged in the sea of Otaria. Days later, he continued to fight at the Cabal's coliseum, but no prize mattered to him, all he wanted was Mirari. Kamahl befriended a trio of young people who were impressed by his fighting skills and asked him to train them and he agreed to train the young people, but to calm his mind. Meanwhile in the Mer Aboshan empire, the cephalid emperor feels Mirari's call and feels a sudden desire to touch the artifact stored in a chamber. Entering the room, he feels the power of the sphere. The artifact shows a landless world, only oceans across the globe, and the emperor tries to make this true, unleashing the power of the sphere.
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Just like Kirtar, he was unable to control Mirari's powers and caused a great disaster, a great tidal wave submerged a third of Otaria. At that time, Ambassador Laquatus was negotiating with a representative of The Cabal. She had no name, just the nickname

Braids, Cabal Minion

referring to her hairstyle. Braids and Laquatus joined forces to battle the Emperor. They remove the artifact from the cephalid's tentacles and took it to the Cabal's headquarters. Once again Kamahl was lucky and survived the tragedy, but his students were not so lucky. Kamahl hears Mirari's call again, so he also goes to Cabal's headquarters! To be continued...



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