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Ikoria dates: when spoilers start, commander nights and more

Ikoria will be the next Magic set, located in a new plan never visited before

Many Magic players may already be wondering about the Ikoria set: when do spoilers start? And the pre-release? We will try to answer some of these questions here. First of all, Ikoria will be the next Magic set, located in a new plan never visited before. The plan is marked by its monsters. Several information from Ikoria is already available, here is [link]( Commander decks prices and names). Recently Mark Rosewater [link]( us teasers about some Ikoria's card text). [image]( * LET'S GO TO THE DATES NOW? * April 2 - Spoilers begin April 3 - Launch of Challenger Decks April 10 to 14 - Delivery of promotional packages and Buy-a-box April 17th to 19th - Pre-release April 24 - Launch of the Ikoria set April 25 and 26 - Draft Weekend April 27 - Commander Nights begin May 2nd and 3rd - Open House June 26th to 28th - Pre-release of the Core Set 2021 Ikoria's season runs from April 24 to July 2. This information can be found on the [link]( Play Network) website. *COMMANDER NIGHTS?* Every week throughout the season (from April 27 to June 18), players [link]( nights)(will compete) on tables of three to five, building decks based on new rules and aiming for fourteen new achievements. Commander nights can happen any day of the week, except Friday. When a player reaches a certain number of achievements (seven is recommended), he will win a prize. When he reaches a higher number (14 is recommended), he will win another prize. Examples of achievements already disclosed: 1. Control a permanent with 3 or more auras attached to it 2. Control 10 or more enchantments. 3. Trigger 3 of your Constellation abilities at the same time. 4. Control an enchantment creature with an enchantment attached to it and with an enchantment attached to that enchantment. 5. Have 25 or more devotion to a single color. 6. Cast, with escape, 4 or more cards from your graveyard in a single turn. 7. Control a demigod and a god of the same color. 8. Control 3 or more Sagas. 9. Choose a creature you control as the target of 4 or more spells in a turn. 10. Have 30 or more creature cards in your graveyard. 11. Win a Commander game. 12. Control 3 or more permanents with “Temple” in the name 13. Make an effect that you control to cause an opponent's God to leave the battlefield. 14. Generate 25 or more mana in a single turn. In addition, these achievements will use rotating rules. For example, one week the rule could be “all creatures are enchantments, in addition to their other types”, which would make “Control 10 enchantments” much easier. Interesting isn't it? In order to complete these achievements, a player will likely need to play with different decks every week, encouraging deck building in Commander.




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Wizards of the Coast canceled most of the qualifiers for the next Players Tour Series 2

Wizards of the Coast, following guidelines from local governments on best practices in combating COVID-19, canceled most of the tabletop qualifiers for the next Players Tours Series 2. This was the same policy for MagicFests and PTQs. The qualifiers at Magic Online will continue and they are working to add new opportunities for new qualifiers for the Players Tour Serie 2 to MTGO. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">We are suspending the tabletop portion of the current qualifying period for Players Tour Series 2.<br><br>Magic Online qualifications will proceed.<br><br>We’re working on adding additional opportunities to qualify for PT S2 through stand alone qualifier events on MTGO. More info to come.</p>&mdash; Magic Esports (@MagicEsports) <a href="">March 18, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Through the website [link](, they informed more details: "As we continue to monitor direction from local governments for best practices regarding COVID-19, further changes to our esports programs will be shared. Effective immediately, for tabletop events we are suspending the current qualifying period for Players Tour Series 2 * Players who earned Players Tour Series 2 qualification will retain their invitation and are invited to the rescheduled Players Tour Series 2 events, [link]( previous announced). * Stores will be able to reschedule their cancelled or suspended WPN Qualifiers (WPNQ) during the Players Tour Series 3 qualifying period, which will now begin at a later date to be determined. * Completed preliminary events for a WPNQ during the Series 2 qualifying period will allow those players to participate in the rescheduled WPNQ occurring during the Series 3 qualifying period." In the end, Wizards of the Coast makes it clear: *"Following recommendations from government and health officials, we will continue to make additional changes to qualifying schedules and events. We look forward to providing competitive tabletop Magic opportunities while ensuring the safety and health of players worldwide. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as these adjustments are made."*