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Top 10 Legacy cards and Top 3 decks that saw more game in 11-2019

Aims to evaluate how Legacy metagame has been changing in november of 2019

"Top 10 FORMAT cards and TOP 3 decks that saw more game in MONTH-YEAR" * aims to evaluate how the metagame has been changing that month to a certain format. I am not a professional player and I do not intend to give my opinion here but in fact inform what is happening in the metagame. Did you see that we have a [link]( session in this site)? There we have MTGO, Star City Games, Channel Fireball and Nerd Rage Gamming top 8 tournament decks; These are big tournaments with many professionals playing. With the decks of this metagame we can process the cards that have being more played last month! Let's take a look? Remembering that I make a comparison of the month before last month and last month! *TOP 10 -CARD UNIT INCREASE COMPARATIVE* *10º - [card](Sword of Fire and Ice) - from 12 to 23 units (+11)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *9º - [card](Sylvan Library) - from 66 to 78 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *8º - [card](Mother of Runes) - from 8 to 20 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *7º - [card](Veil of Summer) - from 111 to 123 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *6º - [card](Deafening Silence) - from 12 to 24 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *5º - [card](Brazen Borrower // Petty Theft) - from 41 to 53 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *4º - [card](Swords to Plowshares) - from 65 to 77 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *3º - [card](Dreadhorde Arcanist) - from 14 to 26 units (+12)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *2º - [card](Liliana, the Last Hope) - from 17 to 30 units (+13)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *1º - [card](Echo of Eons) - from 11 to 29 units (+18)* [image]( [link]( here decks in metagame with this cards). *TOP 3 - DECK INCREASE COMPARATIVE* [image]( *3º - [link]( Loam) - from 3 to 10 decks (+7)* [deck](24683) [image]( *2º - [link]( Dreadhorde Delver) - from 3 to 12 decks (+11)* [deck](24680) [image]( *1º - [link]( Delver) - from 3 to 12 unidades (+11)* [deck](24069) *ANALYZE* The ban on [card](Wrenn and Six) brought legacy back to the old legacy. The 4-colors Delver decks that include green and red for the 2-mana planeswalker have now returned to play with 3 cores.




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Exploring the Pioneer jungle - Abzan Rallystocrats - Full and Budget

What's up, players? How are you? We will once more explore the uncharted jungle that is the Pioneer format, so put on your Indiana Jones fedora and let's go, this time, to the graveyard! In today's article I bring you a very versatile deck, using the graveyard and synergy of creature abilities. It's the *Abzan Rallystocrats.* [image]( *DECK GOAL* Abzan Rallystocrats is a deck with several ways to win. You can combo or focus on assaulting your opponent with your creatures, using sacrifice to both fill the battlefield with zombie tokens and power some creatures so to close out the game! In a last stand scenario, you can bring back your graveyard creatures to start it all over again. [image]( *DECK BUILDING* This deck is built entirely around the instant [card](Rally the Ancestors), in which with only 4 lands we can almost bring all of our graveyard creatures into play. With 5 lands, all graveyard creatures return to the game to finish our combo. It also has many creatures with a high level of synergy. Let's talk about them and what their function is. [card](Cartel Aristocrat) is our main sacrifice card, as we can play it for only 2 mana cost, while [card](Nantuko Husk) cost 3. These creatures are important for the deck, as they have a "free" sacrifice effect, and in our combo we need to sacrifice various creatures to bring the opponent's life to 0. We sacrifice our creatures to deal damage and gain life with [card](Zulaport Cutthroat) and [card](Cruel Celebrant). We'll use 4 copies of [card](Zulaport Cutthroat) as it goes well with[card](Xathrid Necromancer), increasing the number of zombie tokens we produce. Another card that deals damage to opponents is [card](Corpse Knight). Each opponent loses 1 life whenever another creature enters the battlefield under our control, so when we bring back creatures from our graveyard with [card](Rally the Ancestors), it will deal a lot of damage. There are 3 cards in our deck that increase the power of [card](Rally the Ancestors) by filling the graveyard with creatures: [card](Stitcher's Supplier) puts 3 cards from the top of the deck into the graveyard when it enters the battlefield or dies, costing only 1 mana. [card](Satyr Wayfinder) cost 2 mana, and when it enters the battlefield, we look at the top 4 cards of the deck, we then may pick a land to put it in our hand and the rest goes into the graveyard. [card](Nyx Weaver) has reach, cost 3 mana and at each upkeep step we put the top 2 cards of our deck into the graveyard. However, its main ability is that if [card](Rally the Ancestors) ends up into the graveyard, we can bring it back by paying 3 mana and exiling [card](Nyx Weaver). As many of our creatures put the top library cards into the graveyard, the chance of doing it so with [card](Rally the Ancestors) is big. We also need to draw a lot - so we can guarantee [card](Rally the Ancestors) is in our hand for the combo - and some cards help us with that. [card](Elvish Visionary) makes us draw a card when entering the battlefield and [card](Grim Haruspex) uses creature sacrifice on our behalf: whenever a nontoken creature we control dies, we draw a card. [card](Grim Haruspex) is great on this list because it is a Human, so it synergizes well with [card](Xathrid Necromancer). [card](Collected Company) increases the number of combo pieces in the game, either to deal damage, have free sacrifices, or to draw cards. With the ban of [card](Veil of Summer), the deck ended up having more difficulty against Control decks, but we have [card](Silence) to protect our combo (or at least, try to). Closing out our list, [card](Catacomb Sifter) allows us to scry 1 every time another creature we control dies, helping us dig the deck for [card](Rally the Ancestors). With that, we have the following deck: [deck](23435) *CARD SUBSTITUTION* To make this deck cheaper, we have to start with the mana base. We reduced the number of Shock lands and put in [card](Isolated Chapel) and [card](Fortified Village) as to build a better mana curve. We put in [card](Dusk Legion Zealot) to have more draws and we swap [card](Collected Company) for [card](Return to the Ranks), helping us bringing back some of our graveyard creatures. Here's the budget version of the deck: [deck](23436) *CONCLUSION* This deck has a lot of synergy, we can get the graveyard creatures back into the game to start our strategy all over again, we can even create an army of zombies! It also has answers to main difficulties on the sideboard. This deck is a lot of fun and I think you will enjoy it. [image]( That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the article and that you understood the deck. Please leave your feedback for improvement. See you guys later!