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Name Winchester Draft Card // Winchester Draft (cont'd) Card
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Description 2 players | 6 packs | 30 min | Basic Lands OBJECTIVE: Grab a friend and play some _Magic_ in this quick, casual 2-player Draft format. GET READY: Open six packs, remove all basic lands, ads, and tokens, and then shuffle the remaining cards together into a *stack* without looking at them. Place the stack face down, and then take the top four cards of the stack and place each one face up to create the beginnings of *four separate piles.* Randomly determine who drafts first. The first player to draft chooses one of the four piles and adds it to their draft pool. Place a new card from the stack onto each pile, including the empty spot. Then it is the next player's turn to draft. They also draft an entire pile and then add a new card to each pile. Take turns until all the cards have been drafted. When drafting is done, each player builds a 40-card deck from their draft pool, including additional basic lands added as necessary. LET'S PLAY: Randomly determine who goes first, then play a game of _Magic_! Play a best-of-three match. Each player may sideboard using the rest of their drafted cards between games. TO WIN: The player who wins the best-of-three wins!

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