Icons of mtg
Icons of mtg
Icons of mtg
Torrential Gearhulk image




$ 3.58


0.74 tix

Bandeira USATorrential GearhulkIcons of mtgIcons of mtgIcons of mtg

Bandeira BRASILMecanotitã Torrencial

Bandeira ESPMecatitán torrencial

Artifact Creature — Construct

Flash When Torrential Gearhulk enters the battlefield, you may cast target instant card from your graveyard without paying its mana cost. If that card would be put into your graveyard this turn, exile it instead.


• Pioneer

: appears in 4 decks (1.1 %)


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If you cast the card, you do so as part of the resolution of Torrential Gearhulk’s triggered ability. You can’t wait to cast it later in the turn. Timing restrictions (such as “Cast [this card] only during combat”) still apply.
If the card has in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X when casting it without paying its mana cost.
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