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0.02 tix

Bandeira USATrumpeting HerdIcons of mtgIcons of mtgIcons of mtg

Bandeira BRASILManada Barridora

Bandeira ESPFamilia paquidérmica


Create a 3/3 green Elephant creature token. Rebound (If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)


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Casting the card again due to rebound’s delayed triggered ability is optional. If you choose not to cast the card, or if you can’t because an effect prohibits it, the card will stay exiled. You won’t get another chance to cast it on a future turn. If you do cast the card, it’s put into its owner’s graveyard as normal once it resolves.
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