Combo Naru Meha, Master Wizard +Ghostly Flicker +Concordant Crossroads +Garth One-Eye

With Garth in play, tap it to create a Black Lotus token and use it to cast Ghostly Flicker to target it and any other permanent In response, play Naru Meha, copying Ghostly Flicker. With the copy of Ghostly Flicker, target Naru Meha and Garth Let the copy of Ghostly Flicker resolve. With Naru Meha's trigger, copy Ghostly Flicker again. Respond to the copy tapping Garth to create a Black Lotus token Repeat the process for infinite mana With infinite mana, tap Garth to create infinite Shivan Dragons tokens or create a Braingeyser token to make the opponent draw their entire deck.


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