Combo Nim Deathmantle +Ashnod's Altar +Trostani Discordant

This is the classic Nim Deathmantle/Ashnod's Altar combo, with the Trostani Discordant. Sac Trostani Discordant to Altar for 2 colorless mana, which triggers her LTB ability and Deathmantle's ability. Resolve the LTB trigger to get your token(s), then sac one token to Altar for another 2 colorless mana. Use the 4 colorless mana to pay for Deathmantle's ability, which returns her to the battlefield attached to Deathmantle. Rinse and repeat for infinite tokens. With Purphoros, Impact Tremors, Goblin Bombardment, or Malakir Bloodwitch, you have all the damage/lifedrain you need.


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