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Tournament details


Player result Number of players Probability entering top 8
4-0-0 1 100%
3-1-0 4 100%
2-2-0 6 50%
1-3-0 4 0%
0-4-0 1 0%
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How many swiss rounds a tournament needs?

The number of rounds are determined by the number of players using the power of 2. The table bellow shows it better:

Numer of playersNumber of rounds

If the organized wants, you can play more than the recomended number of rounds, but at risk of having the same player having 2 byes or even two player having to face each other again.

How does a swiss tournament work?

A Swiss tournament is similar to a Round-Robin tournament in that no players are eliminated. Every player will play every round, and the player with the highest number of points at the end of the tournament is the winner.

How do you calculate points in a swiss tournament?

Every win gives you 3 points, every draw 1 point and losses gives 0 points. When players are tied, the percentage of game win's, the opponent's game win percentage and more can be used to determined which player is on top.

How pairing works in Swiss tournaments?

In a Swiss-system tournament, players are never eliminated. Instead, players are paired in every round. Players are paired with the person most close to them in the brackets, normally, players with the same number of points will face each other. Given the nature of the swiss tournaments, sometimes players will be paired down or up, since the algorithm canno't put players that already fought together.