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Challenger Decks 2022 Decklists

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Check out the decklists of the four new Challenger Decks: Mono-White Aggro, Dimir Control, Gruul Stompy Rakdos Vampires!

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Wizards today announced the Challenger Decks 2022 decklists, closed decks produced as an entry product for Standard, which will be released on April 1st.

Check out the decklists below:

Mono-White Aggro

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NOTE: The Mono White Aggro Standard Challenger Deck set to release on April 1, 2022, will contain three copies of the now-Standard-banned Faceless Haven. In terms of what this means for tabletop and digital formats, please see below.

For tabletop formats: This deck will still be legal for tournament play in tabletop Magic: The Gathering formats, but only as is. Specifically, the 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard will be legal as long as no changes are made to it.


For digital formats: Both Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online will be handling these bans in the same way they normally handle Standard bans. Since the challenger decks are not offered as a product on either platform, there will not be an exception to Standard legality to allow that precise list of cards in Standard play.

Dimir Control

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Gruul Stompy

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Rakdos Vampires

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