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Pauper Masters's Last Chance Qualifier takes place this Saturday!

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The Last Chance Qualifier is the last opportunity for players to qualify for the Pauper Masters Online, which already has a prize pool of over 150 Tix!

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This Saturday, the Pauper Masters' Last Chance Qualifier will take place, giving players one last opportunity to qualify for the Pauper Masters Online!

The Pauper Masters is a series of independent events that have taken place in Rio de Janeiro since 2017, and that in 2021, in partnership with Cards Realm, started its own online circuit.

The event circuit, which always takes place on the last Saturday of the month (but was anticipated this month due to the ManaTraders Series event), with a registration fee of 2 TIX, has its system of qualifiers for a grand final, where half of all the funds raised will be used as prize for the event.


The qualifiers took place from January to May 2021, always rewarding the TOP 4 with entries for the grand finals, in addition to awarding the entire TOP 8 with half the value of entries for each event.

In addition, the project also had partnerships with other events such as Pauper Royale, Tropical Pauper, Fuguete League and Pauper Classic Tuesdays, which offered free entries to the best players of their respective weekly events.

In fact, the Pauper Royale which takes place today at 7:30 pm (Brazilian Time) will be giving away 4 entries to the Last Chance Qualifier, and you can register for the event herelink outside website!

Altogether, the Pauper Masters Online's prize pool already have a total of 157 TIX, with the Last Chance Qualifier entries still to be added to this amount, which will be distributed among the best placed players in the grand finals.

Check below the number of entries for each Qualifier and the amount in tix that was added to the final prize:

Qualifier #1: 33 Tix

Qualifier #2: 32 Tix

Qualifier #3: 26 Tix

Qualifier #4: 28 Tix

Qualifier #5: 38 Tix

Registration for the Last Chance Qualifier is now open, with the event starting this Saturday, June 19th at 13:00, with a fee of 2 TIX due on the day of the event, and you can register herelink outside website.

The Pauper Masters Online will take place on Sunday of the following week, June 27, at 1 PM (Brazilian Time) and only the 24 players who have qualified for the event via the Qualifiers will be allowed to participate.

Next week, we'll be announcing what's new for the second season of Pauper Masters Online!