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Quiz: Can you recognize Magic illustrators by their artworks?

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How much do you know about Magic: the Gathering's illustrators? Can you recognize them by their artworks? Find out in this quiz!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Magic: the Gathering players who are fans of beautiful illustrations are very well served with the cards available in the game. After all, Wizards of the Coast knows how to choose good artists to embellish their products.

In this quiz, we want to test how many Magic artists you recognize by the trait and to “make it difficult”, we are not going to put the names of the cards. It is worth mentioning that in order not to be too extensive, we chose some of the artists and many were left out.

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Which is the artist behind this Path to Exile's FNM artwork?

Todd LockwoodCorrect symbol

DaarkenCorrect symbol

Chris SeamanCorrect symbol

Raf SarmentoCorrect symbol

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And who illustrated Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet?

Drew TuckerCorrect symbol

Timmy TurnerCorrect symbol

Todd LockwoodCorrect symbol

Marta NaelCorrect symbol

Question image

Do you know the name of the artist behind the legendary Black Lotus's illustration?

Jeff LaubensteinCorrect symbol

Jesper MyrforsCorrect symbol

Christopher RushCorrect symbol

Drew TuckerCorrect symbol

Question image

Who illustrated Eternal Masters' Force of Will reprint?

Zak DolanCorrect symbol

Allen WilliamsCorrect symbol

Ronald WesleyCorrect symbol

Terese NielsenCorrect symbol

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What about this fairy tale-ish Path to Exile artwork?

Rebecca GuayCorrect symbol

Javier DominguezCorrect symbol

Erica YangCorrect symbol

Marta NaelCorrect symbol

Question image

Chaos Orb was the centerpiece of one of Magic's first urban legends, who illustrated it?

John AvonCorrect symbol

Mark TedinCorrect symbol

Daniel ZinkCorrect symbol

Quinton HooverCorrect symbol

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Do you know who is the one behind the artwork for Kodama's Reach?

Arthur C. ClarkeCorrect symbol

John AvonCorrect symbol

Clark KentCorrect symbol

Margaret Organ-KeanCorrect symbol

Question image

What about Luxor Giada's Gift?

Volkan BaǵaCorrect symbol

Mark ZugCorrect symbol

Slawomir ManiakCorrect symbol

Jim NelsonCorrect symbol

Question image

Who illustrated Phyrexian Altar on its original release?

Ron SpearsCorrect symbol

Jesper EjsingCorrect symbol

Jacob PeraltaCorrect symbol

Jehan ChooCorrect symbol

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I am pretty sure you've seen someone cast Cultivate at Commander tables, but do you know who painted it?

Jakub KasperCorrect symbol

Zack StellaCorrect symbol

Bram SelsCorrect symbol

Anthony PalumboCorrect symbol