Top 10 Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

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Top 10 Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

In any fantasy game or story, Dragons are always an important race for storytelling - In this article, we rank the ten best dragons in Magic: The Gathering!

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In any fantasy game or story, Dragons are always an important race for storytelling, and Magic is no different! Dragons have always been one of the most beloved tribes by players. It's no wonder that this creature type is present in most of the sets, currently containing more than 200 cards throughout the game. It's also not news to players that dragons are one of the strongest tribes in the game — and who doesn't have their favorite dragon when they play Magic? We've rounded up some of the best dragons in Magic: The Gathering that deserve to be highlighted when you're building your next deck.


Check out our list:

Top 10 Best Dragons in Magic: The Gathering

10 - Scalelord Reckoner

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Scalelord Reckoner deserves its prominence for its ability to protect other dragons. With this one on the battlefield, your opponents will think twice about targeting one of your dragons. So, for the respect it puts on the board, it was chosen as our tenth dragon.

9 - Silumgar, The Drifting Death

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Silumgar, The Drifting Death is yet another dragon that cannot be missing from a tribal deck. In addition to flying and Hexproof, it turns your combat into a real slaughter depending on how many dragons you declare as an attacker. Its ability to give -1/-1 to the defending player's creatures is pretty scary and can be a turning point for a big win. Hexproof makes this dragon even stronger when combined with its toughness 7, making it very difficult to take it out of the field.

8 - Old Gnawbone

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Old Gnawbone is another dragon that is concerned with artifacts, more exclusively with producing a huge amount of treasure. Its high mana cost isn't that scary because it's green and having it on the battlefield is a huge advantage thanks to its ability. Also, Old Gnawbone is a 7/7 creature with Flying — which we can all agree, it's not bad at all.

7 - Terror of the Peaks

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Since it was released in M21, Terror of the Peaks has proved to be a very interesting card, capable of guaranteeing some victories thanks to its second ability, in a dragon deck, for example, where normally all its creatures have a high power, this one can deal a lot of damage. Terror of the Peaks also comes with some comboslink outside website, mostly with Bladewing the Risen, dealing infinite damage and infinite ETBs. In addition, it features a “Ward” that deals 3 damage to the opponent that targets it, punishing them for their removals.

6 - Utvara Hellkite

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If you, like me, think dragons are never enough, you'll love Utvara Hellkite. Despite the high CMC, it has a huge impact, being a lethal weapon to create an army of dragons and fly to victory. In particular, it's one of my favorite dragons — it's always interesting to play it and be able to make a few more 6/6 dragons and maybe be lucky enough to have Parallel Lives in play to create even more tokens.

5 - Shimmer Dragon

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In stories, dragons always seek to accumulate gold and gems — Shimmer Dragon is no different and likes to have some artifacts around. This one deserves our attention, especially when used in decks focused on this theme, in which it will easily be able to protect itself with Hexproof and will still bring great value to your game with its second ability, guaranteeing you some extra draws.


With an increasing number of artifact token producers, Shimmer Dragon has gained more prominence and deserves a closer look!

4 - Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

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Anyone who has had to face Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon knows how inconvenient he can be on the other side of the board. In addition to its low mana cost for a creature with 4/4 Flying, Skithiryx has the ability to infect, being able to have haste and still be regenerated. In short, it is a great game-winning machine.

3 - Goldspan Dragon

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As soon as it was released in Kaldheim, Goldspan Dragon already had a big impact in a time when Treasures weren't all that famous. Currently, with so many sets exploiting these tokens, Goldspan Dragon has been proving increasingly strong with its second ability to double the amount of mana produced by treasure and still produce treasures when attacking or when targeted. Goldspan Dragon is still a good 4/4 body with flying and haste, meaning it can generate 2 more mana in the same turn as it enters the battlefield after attacking.

2 - Atarka, World Render

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What's better than hitting big flying dragons? Strike twice with large flying dragons. Double strike is always welcome and in an Atarka dragon tribal, World Render simply does damage when it is in play, so it is a famous card when we talk about this tribe.

1 - Hellkite Tyrant

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Hellkite Tyrant is everyone's favorite hoarding dragon, even more so when he takes the opponent's Sol Ring. Stealing all artifacts after dealing damage to an opponent is a great ability, for a creature with flying and trample, two great evasions. But it is in first place for its second ability. Gathering 20 artifacts to win isn't such a difficult task depending on the deck, and even if you can't start your turn with Hellkite Tyrant and its 20 artifacts, at least you'll have all your opponents' artifacts by the end of the game.

Bonus - The Ur-Dragon in Commander

In our bonus, we will talk about the main commander of this tribe for those who want to explore the dragons in the format, The Ur-Dragon. The first dragon is present in all dragons, giving them high physical power, powerful magic and enough intelligence to be one of the greatest tribes in all the multiverse.
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The Ur-Dragon, as a commander, proves to be quite effective for a tribal thanks to its ability to reduce the costs of its children, even while in the command zone. In addition, being a 5-color commander, he allows you to play all your favorite dragons and still gives you all the support to make this deck work. Other good options like dragon and 5-color commander are Scion of the Ur-Dragon and Ramos, Dragon Engine. Check out some decks using these commanders in our searchlink outside website or post your dragon tribal Commander for everyone to see!


Do you know which sets had the most dragons?


The two sets with the most creatures of this type are: Dragons of Tarkir - 26 dragons Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - 16 Dragons The new Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate is also full of these wonderful creatures, and some are quite powerful. In its Mythic Dragons cycle, we have a strong interaction with dices where each color was represented. Ever thought about dealing damage to your opponent, hitting a crit on D20 and drawing 20 cards, making 20 treasures, having 20 1/1 tokens with flying, putting 20 +1/+1 counters on a creature or putting from graveyard onto the battlefield various creatures with combined mana value of up to 20? Now it's possible. Check out these new dragons:
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Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate even brought another excellent commander to the tribe: Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm
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Despite not being on five colors like the commanders mentioned so far, Miirym is simply exceptional by cloning all non-token dragons that enter the battlefield under your control. It still manages to dodge the Legends Rule, which is extremely useful and can be further exploited with Sakashima of a Thousand Faces on the battlefield. The new set is full of dragons, so check out the its spoilerslink outside website and comment your favorite dragons!
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