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Name Court of Cunning Edit card
Type Enchantment
Description When Court of Cunning enters the battlefield, you become the monarch. At the beginning of your upkeep, any number of target players each mill two cards. If you're the monarch, each of those players mills ten cards instead. (To mill a card, a player pSee more
Flavor A throne built on wisdom cannot be toppled.
Artist Yeong-Hao Han
Set Magic Online Promos #85980
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About Court of Cunning

Court of Cunning, Enchantment, designed by Yeong-Hao Han first released in Oct, 2020 in the set Commander Legends and was printed exactly in 3 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Commander and Legacy. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 7.06.

A deck that focuses on controlling the game through card advantage and disruption, such as a control or mill deck, would benefit from using Court of Cunning in Magic: the Gathering. While Court of Cunning can be a powerful card in the right deck, there are better options available like Ashiok, Dream Render or Teferi's Tutelage that offer more consistent mill potential or disruption. Whether Court of Cunning should see play depends on the specific strategy and synergy within the deck, as it can be a strong choice in the right build but may not always be the most optimal option.

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If combat damage dealt to the monarch causes that player to lose the game, the triggered ability that causes the controller of the attacking creature to become the monarch doesn’t resolve. In most cases, the controller of the attacking creature will still become the monarch as it is likely their turn.


If the triggered ability that causes the monarch to draw a card goes on the stack and a different player becomes the monarch before that ability resolves, the first player will still draw the card.


The game starts with no monarch. Once an effect makes one player the monarch, the game will have exactly one monarch from that point forward. As a player becomes the monarch, the current monarch (if any) ceases being the monarch.

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