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Name Harrow Edit card
Type Instant
Description As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a land. Search your library for up to two basic land cards, put them onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
Flavor The Roil redraws the world as it passes, leaving only the hedrons unchanged.
Artist Izzy
Set Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander #194
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About Harrow

Harrow, Instant, designed by Eric David Anderson first released in Oct, 1997 in the set Tempest and was printed exactly in 19 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.35. It's a key card in 1 combos.

This card, Harrow, would benefit landfall decks in Magic: the Gathering, as it allows for ramping and thinning out the deck by sacrificing a land to search for two basic lands and put them onto the battlefield. While Harrow is a solid choice for land-focused strategies, some may argue that cards like Cultivate or Kodama's Reach provide similar benefits without the need to sacrifice a land. However, Harrow could still see play in decks looking to maximize landfall triggers and accelerate mana production.

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Because the “search” requires you to find a card with certain characteristics, you don’t have to find the card if you don’t want to.


The sacrifice of a land is part of the cost of casting Harrow. You can’t pay this cost more than once to get a multiple effect.

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