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- $ 0.05 0.02 tix
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Name Rhox War Monk Edit card
Type Creature — rhino monk
Description Lifelink
Flavor Rhox monks are dedicated to spiritual growth and learning, and most bear the sigils of many students. However, they do not gladly suffer fools or those who disagree with their carefully wrought dogma.
Artist Dan Dos Santos
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Price in stores

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48 uni.

$ 0.05 Visit store
Seller image Myp Cards Selling icon

45 uni.

$ 0.06 Visit store
Seller image Cool Stuff Inc Selling icon

1 uni.

$ 0.25 Visit store
Seller image Card Kingdom Selling icon

80 uni.

$ 0.35 Visit store
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About Rhox War Monk in Magic: the Gathering

Rhox War Monk, Creature — rhino monk, designed by Allen Williams first released in Jun, 2002 in the set Magic Online Promos and was printed exactly in 5 different sets. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.05.






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