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2021-09-12 11:16 UTC

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Changes in the meta of Pauper in 12-2019: Top 5 cards and Top 3 decks

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A-Vega, the Watcher

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A-Iridescent Hornbeetle

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A-Fall of the Impostor

A-Elven Bow

A-Elderleaf Mentor

A-Cauldron Familiar

A-Bretagard Stronghold

A-Base Camp

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Midnight Guard
Presence of Gond

11406 Eye Solid icon


Devoted Druid
Sigil of the Nayan Gods
Presence of Gond

3509 Eye Solid icon


Midnight Guard
Impact Tremors
Presence of Gond

3293 Eye Solid icon


Rule of Law
Possibility Storm

5329 Eye Solid icon


Possibility Storm
Eidolon of Rhetoric

2616 Eye Solid icon


Impact Tremors
Grinning Ignus
Runaway Steam-Kin

3568 Eye Solid icon


Devoted Druid
One with the Stars

5293 Eye Solid icon


Soul Warden
Light of Promise
Scurry Oak

6479 Eye Solid icon