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About Pauper Mono Black Cycling

Belonging to the metagame from Pauper, Mono Black Cycling is a deck with the following key cards: Swamp, Deadly Dispute, Tithing Blade , Cast Down, Troll of Khazad-dûm, Drown in Sorrow, Bojuka Bog, Crypt Rats, Witch's Cottage, with an overall win percentage of 47.3% in 1215 games in the last 6 months. The deck performances better against Mono-White Heroic and BR and worst against Golgari Dredge and B. In recent appearances deluxeicoff made 61º at Pauper Challenge 64 and Haqy6510 made 39º at Pauper Challenge 32.

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The Mono Black Cycling deck in Pauper is all about using efficient creatures, powerful removal spells, and value-generating cards to control the board and chip away at the opponent's life total. The strategy of the deck revolves around cycling through your cards to find key pieces like Crypt Rats for board wipes, Deadly Dispute for card advantage, and powerful finishers like Vampire Sovereign and Troll of Khazad-dûm to close out the game. The deck aims to disrupt the opponent's game plan with cards like Duress and Geth's Verdict while applying pressure with efficient creatures like Serrated Scorpion and Vampire Spawn. One of the main advantages of the Mono Black Cycling deck is its flexibility and ability to adapt to different matchups. With a mix of removal, card draw, and threats, the deck can handle a variety of situations and opponents. The deck also has a relatively low mana curve, allowing you to cycle through your deck quickly and find the cards you need. However, one of the drawbacks of the deck is its vulnerability to aggressive strategies. While the deck has plenty of removal and ways to gain life, it can struggle against decks that flood the board with creatures quickly. Additionally, the reliance on cycling cards means that you need to constantly find ways to refill your hand and generate value. Overall, the Mono Black Cycling deck in Pauper is a powerful and versatile option that can be a strong choice in the right metagame. By carefully managing your resources and using your cards effectively, you can pilot this deck to victory in a variety of matchups.

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