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This is a subset from Magic Origins.

Magic Origins is the seventeenth Magic core set. At the time of its release, it was thought to be, and marketed as, the last core set. It was grouped as a two-set block with Dragons of Tarkir for the purposes of Standard rotation under the Two-Block Paradigm. The set contains 272 cards, which is 3 more than the current default for large sets (101 Commons, 80 Uncommons, 55 Rares, 16 Mythic Rares, 20 Basic Land). An additional 16 cards appear in the sample decks (7 Common, 4 Uncommon, 5 Rare). As a first since Alpha, this Core Set features two new mechanics. R&D considers Magic Origins not to be the "last core set", but a "new beginning" relating to the start of the Two-Block Paradigm and a new treatment of the storyline. The latter involves telling coherent, in-depth stories about the characters and carrying those out over story arcs across multiple sets. To enable this storytelling, there are more new cards in this set than in previous Core Sets.

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