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Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander icon
Name Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander
Code otc
Type commander
Released Today
Total number of itens 342


Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander is a thrilling set within the Magic: The Gathering universe that transports players to the wild and lawless terrain of Thunder Junction, a place where danger and adventure await at every turn. The lore of the set revolves around a group of daring outlaws, each with their unique skills and powers, vying for control and supremacy in this treacherous landscape. The mechanics of the set introduce new gameplay elements centered around dynamic interactions between the outlaws, featuring abilities that reflect their personalities and strategies. Players will need to utilize cunning tactics and strategic planning to outmaneuver their rivals and emerge victorious in this high-stakes showdown.

Top 10 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Sol Ring 1405 decks $ 1.05
2. Ponder 1352 decks $ 0.71
3. Bojuka Bog 1238 decks $ 0.78
4. Preordain 1227 decks $ 0.54
5. Blackcleave Cliffs 861 decks $ 2.84
6. Treasure Cruise 741 decks $ 0.20
7. Murmuring Mystic 678 decks $ 0.20
8. Command Tower 652 decks $ 0.20
9. Arcane Signet 617 decks $ 0.29
10. Unholy Heat 581 decks $ 0.17

Spoilers from Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander

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New combos with Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander

Twisted Fealty
Stella Lee, Wild Card

1278 Eye Solid icon


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