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Name XLN Standard Showdown
Code pss2
Type promo
Released 09/29/17
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In the XLN Standard Showdown set of Magic: The Gathering, players are immersed in the vibrant world of Ixalan, a plane rich in adventure and mystery. The lore of the set revolves around four factions seeking to claim the mythical Golden City of Orazca. Players can align themselves with the fierce Pirates, the ancient Vampires, the savage Dinosaurs, or the cunning Merfolk in their quest for dominance. The mechanics of the set introduce the new keyword Raid, encouraging players to attack with creatures and reap rewards for doing so. Additionally, the set features powerful tribal synergies that allow players to unleash devastating combos based on their chosen faction. Prepare for epic battles and strategic gameplay as you venture through the jungles of Ixalan in the XLN Standard Showdown set.

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