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Neon Dynasty Commander Tokens icon
Name Neon Dynasty Commander Tokens
Code tnec
Type token
Released 02/18/22
Total number of itens 13


This is a subset from Neon Dynasty Commander.

In the Neon Dynasty Commander Tokens set in Magic: The Gathering, players are transported to a futuristic world inspired by cyberpunk themes. The set introduces new mechanics focusing on creating and controlling powerful tokens to dominate the battlefield. With an emphasis on advanced technology and manipulation of virtual forces, players can assemble an army of digital warriors and command them in strategic battles. The lore of the set delves into the intersection of magic and technology, offering a fresh and imaginative take on the game's universe while challenging players to adapt their gameplay tactics to this futuristic landscape.

Top 2 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Beast Token 1 decks $ 0.07
2. Angel Token 1 decks $ 0.31

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  • Friday Night Magic:
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