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This is a subset from Streets of New Capenna.

The set contains 281 regular cards (101 commons, 80 uncommons, 60 rares, 20 mythic rares, 20 basic lands) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. The regular cards include 10 full-art "Metropolis" basic lands. Each type has two different pieces of art. Alternate card frames have another card number than the original version. Borderless planeswalkers are numbered #282-284. Other borderless cards are #285-295. Each of the 45 three-color gold cards in Streets of New Capenna appears in the "Golden Age" Showcase treatment that evokes the aesthetics of the roaring and soaring city life of New Capenna. The art deco influence is felt in the frames of this treatment, which is paired with eye-catching gold. These are numbered #296-340. Four rares and five mythic rares —including the three mythic rare planeswalkers — appear in the "Art Deco" treatment, reimagining those cards as if they were on the cover of a fashion magazine (#341-349). Ten of the nonbasic lands appear in the "Skyscraper" treatment (#350-359). #360 is the Phyrexian-language Urabrask, Heretic Praetor. Extended artwork cards are numbered #406-440. #450-460 are the Gala Greeters box toppers. The Buy-a-Box card is #461 and the Bundle promo is #462. The dark frame treatment cards from the Universal promo pack are numbered #463-467. The "Concept Praetor" art of Urabrask, released with Phyrexia: All Will Be One, is #468. All 45 Golden Age cards have a gilded version (#361-405). These "Gilded Foil" cards have the golden frame elements three-dimensionally embossed in gold atop a traditional foil card. As with other treatments, this embossing is smooth and legal for play in sanctioned Magic tournaments.[10] Foil-etched versions of all nine "Art Deco" cards can be found exclusively in Collector Boosters (#441-449).

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