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World Championship Decks 2003 is a set from Magic: the Gathering first spoiled at 2003-08-06 to be released at 2003-08-06. 153 is the total number of cards found in this set by now.

Spoilers from World Championship Decks 2003: 151 results found

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New combos with World Championship Decks 2003

Ad Nauseam
Sickening Dreams
Angel's Grace

5536 Eye Solid icon


Lightning Crafter
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Goblin Warchief

4680 Eye Solid icon


Sickening Dreams
Angel's Grace
Peer into the Abyss

5377 Eye Solid icon


Skirk Prospector
Decaying Soil
Goblin Warchief
Mogg War Marshal

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Life and Limb

6907 Eye Solid icon


Lord of the Forsaken

3054 Eye Solid icon