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Arena New Player Experience Extras icon
Name Arena New Player Experience Extras
Code xana
Type memorabilia
Released 07/14/18
Total number of itens 31


Sure, in the Arena New Player Experience Extras set of Magic: The Gathering, players are introduced to the vibrant and complex world of the game through a series of specially designed cards and game mechanics. The lore of the set focuses on the trials and triumphs of new players as they navigate the various challenges of the game, with each card representing a different aspect of their journey. The mechanics of the set are streamlined and intuitive, offering a simplified version of the game's rules to help new players quickly grasp the fundamentals of gameplay and strategy. Overall, the set serves as a welcoming entry point for newcomers to the world of Magic: The Gathering, providing an accessible and engaging introduction to the game's rich lore and mechanics.

Top 10 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Goblin Grenade 73 decks $ 0.31
2. Ambition's Cost 10 decks $ 0.35
3. Altar's Reap 8 decks $ 0.35
4. Divination 4 decks $ 0.02
5. Rise from the Grave 3 decks $ 0.01
6. Doublecast 2 decks $ 0.14
7. Overflowing Insight 2 decks $ 0.44
8. Goblin Gang Leader 2 decks $ 0.35
9. Waterknot 2 decks $ 0.01
10. Volcanic Dragon 1 decks $ 0.04

Spoilers from Arena New Player Experience Extras

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New combos with Arena New Player Experience Extras

Felidar Guardian
Icewind Stalwart
Delney, Streetwise Lookout

848 Eye Solid icon


Felidar Guardian
Restoration Angel
Delney, Streetwise Lookout

992 Eye Solid icon


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