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Name MagicFest 2024
Code pf24
Type promo
Released 01/01/24
Total number of itens 1


MagicFest 2024 is set in the vast world of Dominaria, where ancient powers have awakened after centuries of slumber. The planeswalkers - powerful mages capable of traversing the multiverse - must unite to face the threat of the Eldrazi, otherworldly beings hungry for destruction. The set introduces new mechanics such as Planeswalker Synergy, where players can activate abilities of multiple planeswalkers for powerful effects, and Eldrazi Rampage, which allows players to summon massive creatures by sacrificing their own lands. The tension between the planeswalkers' differing strategies and the relentless advance of the Eldrazi creates a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience in MagicFest 2024.

Top 1 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Counterspell 985 decks € 0.93

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