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All That Glitters is banned from Pauper, Stickers banned from eternal formats

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In the new banned and restricted update, Wizards announced the banning of All That Glitters from Pauper, in addition to banning all cards with Stickers and Attractions mechanics from eternal formats.

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This Monday (13), Wizards of the Coast released its new Banned and Restricted update for Magic: The Gathering, with updates for Pauper, Legacy and Vintage.

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In Pauper, the PFP opted to ban All That Glitters, a card introduced to the format through Commander Masters in 2023. Since its launch, the enchantment has demonstrated notable results in Affinity that have given up on Grixis variants (Magic Symbol UMagic Symbol BMagic Symbol R) in favor of Azorius (Magic Symbol WMagic Symbol U), where he used it with creatures such as Glint Hawk It is Ornithopter to win through a combo-kill.


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Recently, the launch of Novice Inspector leveraged this strategy even further and took All That Glitters to find space in the Boros Synthesizer, which led the committee to choose to ban the card.

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The PFP also believes in the possibility of intervening against Mono Red Kuldotha in the future due to its impressive and consistent results, but they believe that the absence of All That Glitters in the format will make the matches less polarized and that answers such as life gain and/or sweepers will have more representation to deal with this archetype.

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Stickers and Attractions were two mechanics presented in Unfinity, the first Magic "un-set" where some of its cards would be legal in eternal formats. However, in the ban announcement, Wizards admits that there were risks in introducing these mechanics in 1v1 games because they wanted to make them valid for Commander, and consequently, the insertion of some cards like _____ Goblin in Legacy and Pauper made players feel obligated to interact with these mechanics.

Because they didn't consider that the inclusion of different mechanics with "side decks" creates a fun experience, the company chose to ban all cards that create Stickers and/or Attractions from eternal formats.

Source: Wizards of the Coast