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. In recent appearances Oderus Urungus made 14º at Vintage Challenge and karatedom made 18º at Vintage Challenge.

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The "U" deck in Vintage Magic: The Gathering is an artifact-based control deck that focuses on disrupting opponent strategies while generating card advantage through various spells and powerful artifacts. This deck utilizes Mishra's Workshop and Urza's Saga to ramp out threats quickly and disrupt opponents' game plans using cards like Force of Will, Force of Negation, Mindbreak Trap, and Flusterstorm. One of the key strengths of the "U" deck is its ability to quickly deploy threats and disrupt opponents' strategies with a combination of counterspells, removal, and disruptive artifacts like Pithing Needle and Nettlecyst. Additionally, the deck has access to powerful card draw spells like Thoughtcast and can generate additional value through cards like Phyrexian Metamorph and Dress Down. However, the deck can struggle against fast combo decks that can win before the "U" deck can set up its disruptive elements. Additionally, the deck's reliance on artifacts makes it vulnerable to artifact removal spells and effects like Hurkyl's Recall. Overall, the "U" deck in Vintage is a powerful and flexible control deck that excels at disrupting opponents' strategies and generating card advantage through powerful artifacts and spells.

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