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Outlaws of Thunder Junction: A Guide to Every Set Symbol

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Outlaws of Thunder Junction will have five different set symbols on the same product. Check out how to discern each of them and where their cards will be legal!

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Official previews for Magic's new expansion, Outlaws of Thunder Junction begin next week, on March 26. It will reveal several cards that will be released on April 19, including the Commander decks and special mini-sets present in its Play Boosters and Collector Boosters.

Check out our guide on how to differentiate each of the set symbols from Outlaws of Thunder Junction and in which formats they will be legal!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ)

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The main set can be identified by the expansion symbol with a hat, in addition to the three-letter abbreviation in the bottom corner of the card with the acronym OTJ. They are the set's main cards, legal on Standard and any other format where they are not banned.

Outlaws Commander (OTC)

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The previews of the cards in the set's Commander decks can be identified by the symbol, where the hat is white with an emblem in the background, in addition to the acronym OTC in the bottom corner of the card. They will be legal in eternal formats and anywhere where their original printing is legal.

Breaking News (OTP)

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Breaking News are a bonus sheet present in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction's Play Boosters, similar to Strixhaven's Mystical Archives. They are legal in any format where their original printing is legal - so Thoughtseize will not return to Standard!

Just like other bonus sheets from previous sets, it is possible for Breaking News cards to enter the Magic Arena as legal in Historic and Timeless.

Big Score (BIG)

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Big Score, or The Vault is a selection of 40 exclusive cards which would be released in an epilogue mini-set after the release of OTJ. Due to the low reception with March of the Machinte: The Aftermath, Wizards changed plans and decided to include these cards as part of the main set.

Cards in this subcategory are exclusive and legtal in Standard and other formats. They enter the space belonging to The List of this expansion, but there is no information whether they will be a direct replacement.

Special Guests (SPG)

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Special Guests is a card series started in Lost Caverns of Ixalan, with a selection of cards that fit the expansion's theme to be reprinted. These are legal in any competitive format where its other printings are allowed.

As in Murders at Karlov Manor, it is possible for Special Guests from Outlaws of Thunder Junction to enter Magic Arena, being legal in the Historic and Timeless formats.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is the hundredth Magic: The Gathering set and brings the western theme to the game's world. One of its main highlights is the return of the Planeswalker Oko, known for its controversial and unbalanced card design in Throne of Eldraine, being banned from almost every competitive format.