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MTG: Oathbreaker is now an official format!

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This fan-made format focuses on planeswalkers as their deck's main strategy and requires a Signature Spell as well in the Command zone! Learn more about this format in this article.

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Another format has just been deemed MTG official as of this Wednesday, March 15th: Oathbreaker!

The format, which focuses on a Planeswalker and a Signature Spell as their main strategy, had its origin story around 2017, when Weirdcards Charitable Club created the new format for all MTG players to enjoy.

News of this latest addition to MTG's various official formats was released on Wednesday by Magic: The Gathering's main accounts and also the Weirdcards Charitable Club accounts themselves:

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The key traits of this format include a Planeswalker/Oathbreaker-focused gameplay, just like Commander, but instead of that being the only card in the Command Zone, the Oathbreaker format demands players to have a Signature Spell as well as part of their strategy, which can be an instant or a sorcery.

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Each tabletop or spelltable match also includes 3 to 5 players, and the lack of Commander damage as a rule.

Designed as a simpler format, the decks in Oathbreaker also include only 60 cards, counting with the Planeswalker and the Signature Spell, and matches are stated to last around 60 minutes. 20 Health Points complete the set of rules for Oathbreaker.

Another special characteristic of this new format is the fact that cards don't rotate, and all sets are legal. Players that are interested in playing Oathbreaker only need to pay attention to the official banlist on the dedicated website.