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Name Ravnica: Clue Edition
Code clu
Type draft_innovation
Released 02/23/24
Total number of itens 284


In the world of Ravnica: Clue Edition, players find themselves in the bustling city-plane of Ravnica, where mystery and intrigue abound. The set offers a unique blend of Magic: The Gathering gameplay and the classic board game Clue. Players take on the role of detectives navigating through the various guilds of Ravnica, each with its own distinct playstyle and motivations. By gathering clues and solving puzzles, players uncover the identity of a mysterious culprit who threatens the stability of the plane. The set introduces new mechanics such as investigation and deduction, adding an exciting twist to traditional Magic gameplay. With its rich lore and engaging mechanics, Ravnica: Clue Edition offers a fresh and immersive experience for Magic: The Gathering fans.

Top 10 best cards

# Card name Decks Price
1. Lightning Bolt 1920 decks € 0.34
2. Steam Vents 1191 decks € 24.59
3. Blood Crypt 921 decks € 19.86
4. Temple Garden 778 decks € 18.91
5. Sacred Foundry 774 decks € 21.75
6. Overgrown Tomb 760 decks € 19.86
7. Hallowed Fountain 749 decks € 19.86
8. Breeding Pool 675 decks € 22.69
9. Watery Grave 516 decks € 26.48
10. Stomping Ground 513 decks € 17.96

Spoilers from Ravnica: Clue Edition

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