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Attention! Errors in new Phyrexia alters downgrade their Power Level

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Fans noticed incredible printing errors in Phyrexia: All Will Be One oil slick raised alter cards, which dramatically alter their power level and usage!

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Make no mistake about it: The alternative artworks for Phyrexia: All Will Be Onelink outside website foils are some of the most beautiful across all Magic: The Gathering sets. These prized collector's items have caught the eye of many players who enjoy collecting the rarest, most beautiful cards around.

However, a few of these very expensive cards with exclusive alternative art styles and foils have come at an even further price. Certain printing errors in a few of the products have made playing with them a bit more complicated than it should be, which has caused the community to delve deep into a debate regarding the company's Quality Control process.


The mistake was caught by u/The-Wiitard on Reddit this Sunday, the 12th of March. A snapshot of the card in question, Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus, and its foil below it showcased very explicitly the difference in printing which might be the source of much frustration and lost games across the world:

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The mistake in question is regarding the card's activated ability: In the alternative art version, it costs more than the regular version of the card, which contains the correct cost for the ability.

Users in the comment section of the post chimed in to confirm this isn't a light mistake on the company's part. A mistake of this magnitude could alter the usability and power level of a card dramatically, and could even implicate on the card's market value, particularly the foil's market value.

About changes in the alter version, Phyrexian Vindicator also had its flavor text impacted:

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Among the solutions presented by veteran players, the most common one is to check the Oracle text; however, other seasoned players mentioned this isn't an easy fix, as much of these misprints might go by unnoticed by players who aren't familiarized with the new releases or are just unaware of the misprint error.

To prevent further mishaps, player frustration peaks and market fluctuations, the company should keep an eye on these occurrences, so they aren't repeated in the future. One can only hope for more attention and quality on Hasbro's part from here on out.