Combo Borborygmos Enraged +Abundance +Keen Sense

To start the combo you need to have [card](Abundance) and [card](Borborygmos Enraged) on the battlefield, as well as a land card in your hand. 1. Enchant [card](Borborygmos Enraged) with [card](Keen Sense). 2. Discard a land to activate [card](Borborygmos Enraged)'s ability and deal 3 damage to target player. [card](Keen Sense)'s ability will trigger, allowing you to draw a card. 3. Instead of drawing the card, use [card](Abundance)'s ability to reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a land card and put it in your hand. 4. Repeat the process to deal damage equal to three times the amount of land cards you have in your deck.


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