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Where deck's name come from?

Generally deck's name in Magic have two parts: the color combination name and something that makes it unique. For example, Naya Zoo is a reference to the colors Naya (Red/White/Green) and the huge quantity of small creatures of animal type, like a zoo.

What are the color combination names?

Zero color combination: Colorless or MUD. One color combination: Black (B), White (W), Blue (U), Green (G) and Red (R). Two color combination: Boros (WR), Orzhov (BW), Selesnya (GW), Radkos (BR), Gruul (GR), Azorious (UW), Dimir (BU), Simic (GU), Golgari (GB), Izzit (RU). Three color combination: Bant (GWU), Esper (WUB), Grixis (UBR), Jund (BRG), Naya (RGW), Abzan (WBG), Jeskai (URW), Sultai (BGU), Mardu (RWB), Temur (GUR). Four and five colors combinations are not common, so we use the letters of each color.

What unique deck's name we have in Magic?

Burn for decks that have spells that send direct damage to your opponent. 'Oops! All Spells' for decks that do not have lands. Superfriends for decks focused in planeswalkers. Taxes for decks focused in stax spells. We also have deck's name based on creatures, like 'soul sisters' that came from Sould warden + Soul's Attendant; or Murkted; or Hammer Time; or Death's Shadow. In creature types, like merfolk or goblins. Some abilities also give name to a deck, like Living End or Sacrifice. Lastly, archetypes can give names as well like Jund Midrange. If you don't know how to name your deck, maybe calling it Goodstuff if it has a lot of good cards is enough.