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Name Angelic Destiny Edit card
Type Enchantment — aura
Description Enchant creature Enchanted creature gets +4/+4, has flying and first strike, and is an Angel in addition to its other types. When enchanted creature dies, return Angelic Destiny to its owner's hand.
Artist Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Set Wilds of Eldraine Commander #60
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About Angelic Destiny

Angelic Destiny, Enchantment — aura, designed by Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss first released in May, 2020 in the set Magic 2012 and was printed exactly in 3 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 1.66.

Angel decks in Magic: the Gathering would greatly benefit from using Angelic Destiny, as it provides a significant power boost and evasion to a creature, while also having the potential to return to the hand for reuse. This card synergizes well with strategies focused on flying creatures and aggressive combat tactics. However, in more competitive formats, there may be better options available such as Baneslayer Angel or Lyra Dawnbringer, which offer similar benefits with additional abilities and resilience.

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If the creature dies before the Angelic Destiny spell resolves, Angelic Destiny will go to its owner’s graveyard. It won’t return to its owner’s hand.

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