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Name Bolas's Citadel Edit card
Type Legendary artifact
Description You may look at the top card of your library any time. You may play lands and cast spells from the top of your library. If you cast a spell this way, pay life equal to its mana value rather than pay its mana cost. Icons of mtg, Sacrifice ten nonland permanentSee more
Artist Lorenzo Mastroianni
Set Secret Lair Drop #1187
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About Bolas's Citadel

Bolas's Citadel, Legendary artifact, designed by Jonas De Ro first released in May, 2019 in the set War of the Spark Promos and was printed exactly in 7 different ways. It see play in 3 formats: Vintage, Commander and Pioneer. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 6.99. It's a key card in 11 combos.

A deck that benefits from Bolas's Citadel is one that focuses on high mana value spells and has ways to gain life to offset the life payment cost, such as a Black-Green Ramp deck or a Black-White Lifegain deck. While Bolas's Citadel can be a powerful card advantage engine, there are better alternatives like Aetherflux Reservoir for combo decks or Future Sight for card advantage in blue-based decks. Bolas's Citadel can see play in certain decks that can support its unique playstyle, but it may not be a staple in every deck due to its high mana cost and potential life loss.

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Bolas’s Citadel lets you look at the top card of your library whenever you want (with one restriction—see below), even if you don’t have priority. This action doesn’t use the stack. Knowing what that card is becomes part of the information you have access to, just like you can look at the cards in your hand.


Bolas’s Citadel may be one of the permanents you sacrifice to activate its last ability.


If a spell has in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X when casting it without paying its mana cost.


You must follow the normal timing permissions and restrictions of the cards you play from your library.

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