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Name Bring to Light Edit card
Type Sorcery
Description Converge — Search your library for a creature, instant, or sorcery card with mana value less than or equal to the number of colors of mana spent to cast this spell, exile that card, then shuffle. You may cast that card without paying its mana cost.
Artist Mark Poole
Set Magic Online Promos #102309
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About Bring to Light

Bring to Light, Sorcery, designed by Jonas De Ro first released in Oct, 2015 in the set Battle for Zendikar Promos and was printed exactly in 6 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Pioneer and Modern. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.44.

This card, Bring to Light, would be beneficial in a multicolor deck that aims to have a diverse range of mana colors. Decks that can easily produce green, blue, and other colors of mana would benefit the most from its Converge ability, allowing them to search for and cast powerful spells for free. While there may be other cards that offer similar effects, Bring to Light's flexibility and potential for high impact make it a strong contender for inclusion in the right deck, especially in formats where mana fixing is important.

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If the card has in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X.


If you cast a spell with converge without spending any mana to cast it (perhaps because an effect allowed you to cast it without paying its mana cost), then the number of colors spent to cast it will be zero.


If you cast the exiled card, you do so as part of the resolution of Bring to Light. You can’t wait to cast it later in the turn. Timing restrictions based on the card’s type are ignored, but other restrictions (such as “Cast [this card] only during combat”) are not.


If you don’t cast the card, it remains exiled.


Unless a spell or ability allows you to, you can’t choose to pay more mana for a spell with a converge ability just to spend more colors of mana. Likewise, if a spell or ability reduces the amount of mana it costs you to cast a spell with converge, you can’t ignore that cost reduction in order to spend more colors of mana.

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