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- $ 3.86 3.75 tix
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Name Carpet of Flowers Edit card
Type Enchantment
Description At the beginning of each of your main phases, if you haven't added mana with this ability this turn, you may add X mana of any one color, where X is the number of Islands target opponent controls.
Flavor "Love is a form of hope and, like hope, love abides in the face of everything." —The Thirteenth Doctor
Artist Logan Feliciano
Set Universes Beyond: Doctor Who #475
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About Carpet of Flowers

Carpet of Flowers, Enchantment, designed by Rebecca Guay first released in Oct, 1998 in the set Urza's Saga and was printed exactly in 7 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Legacy and Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 3.86.

Carpet of Flowers is a powerful card that would benefit decks that rely on ramping up mana quickly, especially in a multiplayer setting where opponents control multiple Islands. Decks that focus on casting big spells early or require a lot of mana to operate efficiently would find this card particularly useful. While there may be better ramp cards available, such as Mana Crypt or Sol Ring, Carpet of Flowers can still be a strong addition to decks that can take advantage of its unique ability, making it worth considering for play in the right strategy.

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You can target a different opponent each turn.

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