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Name Grisly Spectacle Edit card
Type Instant
Description Destroy target nonartifact creature. Its controller mills cards equal to that creature's power.
Flavor "Watch people flock to a murder scene. Then tell me we're not all a little sick in the head." —Juri, proprietor of the Juri Revue
Artist Zoltan Boros
Set Iconic Masters #92
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About Grisly Spectacle

Grisly Spectacle, Instant, designed by Zoltan Boros first released in Feb, 2013 in the set Gatecrash and was printed exactly in 4 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.06.

This card, Grisly Spectacle, would be beneficial in a control deck that aims to disrupt the opponent's board presence while also potentially milling their library. While it can be a useful removal spell in certain situations, there are arguably better options available such as Murder or Hero's Downfall which provide more flexibility and efficiency in dealing with threats. Grisly Spectacle could see play in specific mill-focused strategies or as a budget option for players looking to fill out their removal suite.

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Use the creature’s power the last time it was on the battlefield to determine how many cards its controller puts into their graveyard.

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