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Name Old-Growth Troll Edit card
Type Creature — troll warrior
Description Trample When Old-Growth Troll dies, if it was a creature, return it to the battlefield. It's an Aura enchantment with enchant Forest you control and "Enchanted Forest has 'Icons of mtg: Add Icons of mtgIcons of mtg' and 'Icons of mtg, Icons of mtg, Sacrifice this land: Create a tapped 4/4 greenSee more
Artist Jesper Ejsing
Set Magic Online Promos #88338
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About Old-Growth Troll

Old-Growth Troll, Creature — troll warrior, designed by Jesper Ejsing first released in Jan, 2021 in the set Kaldheim and was printed exactly in 5 different ways. It see play in 2 formats: Pioneer and Modern. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.79.

This card would benefit a green ramp deck that focuses on generating a lot of mana quickly and utilizing powerful creatures. While Old-Growth Troll offers a unique recursion ability and mana generation potential, it may not be as efficient as other cards like Primeval Titan or Craterhoof Behemoth in terms of impact on the board. However, its versatility and potential for generating additional creatures could make it a fun and interesting inclusion in a casual or themed deck.

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If a token is a copy of Old-Growth Troll, it won’t return from its owner’s graveyard.


If you control but don’t own Old-Growth Troll, you (not its owner) will return it to the battlefield when it dies. You’ll choose which Forest you control it will enchant as it returns to the battlefield.

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