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About Perilous Myr

Perilous Myr, Artifact creature — phyrexian myr, designed by Jason Felix first released in Oct, 2010 in the set Scars of Mirrodin and was printed exactly in 5 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Pauper. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.06. It's a key card in 8 combos.

A deck that focuses on sacrificing creatures for value, such as a sacrifice or aristocrats deck, would benefit from including Perilous Myr. It can be a useful tool for dealing direct damage to creatures, planeswalkers, or even the opponent, providing a versatile option for removal or reaching the opponent's life total. While there may be more powerful cards with similar effects, such as Goblin Chainwhirler or Plague Engineer, Perilous Myr can still find a place in decks looking for repeatable, efficient damage output. Its low mana cost and potential for immediate impact make it a solid choice for certain strategies.

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If your life total is brought to 0 or less at the same time that Perilous Myr is dealt lethal damage, you lose the game before its triggered ability resolves.

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