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- $ 0.01 0.01 tix
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Name Stagecoach Security Edit card
Type Creature — human soldier
Description When Stagecoach Security enters the battlefield, creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain vigilance until end of turn. Plot Icons of mtgIcons of mtg (You may pay Icons of mtgIcons of mtg and exile this card from your hand. Cast it as a sorcery on a later turn without paying its mana coSee more
Artist Nino Vecia
Set Outlaws of Thunder Junction #30
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About Stagecoach Security

Stagecoach Security, Creature — human soldier, designed by Nino Vecia first released in Apr, 2024 in the set Outlaws of Thunder Junction. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.01.

This card would benefit a white aggro deck looking to boost its board presence and maintain pressure on the opponent. While Stagecoach Security provides a temporary buff and vigilance, there are potentially better options like Benalish Marshal or Always Watching that offer more consistent and long-lasting effects for a similar mana cost. However, Stagecoach Security could still see play in certain aggressive strategies that value the immediate impact it provides on the battlefield.

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