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Name Thrummingbird Edit card
Type Creature — phyrexian bird horror
Description Flying Whenever Thrummingbird deals combat damage to a player, proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)
Artist Efrem Palacios
Set Commander Masters #858
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About Thrummingbird

Thrummingbird, Creature — phyrexian bird horror, designed by Efrem Palacios first released in Oct, 2010 in the set Scars of Mirrodin and was printed exactly in 10 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.15.

Thrummingbird would be a great addition to a proliferate-focused deck in Magic: the Gathering, especially in a blue and/or artifact-heavy strategy. This card synergizes well with other proliferate effects and can quickly build up counters on various permanents. While Thrummingbird is a solid choice for such a deck, there are more powerful options like [[Inexorable Tide]] or [[Contagion Engine]] that offer broader proliferate effects and potentially greater impact, depending on the deck's strategy and mana curve. Thrummingbird could see play in more budget or focused proliferate decks, but may be replaced by stronger options in more competitive or optimized builds.

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If a permanent has +1/+1 counters and -1/-1 counters on it, they’re removed in pairs as a state-based action so that the permanent has only one of those kinds of counters on it.


You don’t have to choose every permanent or player that has a counter, only the ones you want to add another counter to. Since “any number” includes zero, you don’t have to choose any permanents at all, and you don’t have to choose any players at all.


You can choose any player that has a counter, including yourself.

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