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Name Transmutation Font Edit card
Type Artifact
Description Icons of mtg: Create your choice of a Blood token, a Clue token, or a Food token. Icons of mtg, Icons of mtg, Sacrifice three artifact tokens with different names: Search your library for an artifact card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle. Activate only as a sorcery.
Artist José Parodi
Set Wizards Play Network 2024 #11
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About Transmutation Font

Transmutation Font, Artifact, designed by Mark Poole first released in Mar, 2024 in the set The Big Score and was printed exactly in 4 different ways. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.77.

This card would benefit artifact-focused decks that rely on generating and sacrificing artifact tokens for value. Decks that can easily create and sacrifice multiple artifact tokens, such as artifact token generators or sacrifice outlets, would find Transmutation Font useful for tutoring for key artifact cards. While Transmutation Font offers flexibility with the choice of tokens to create, its high mana cost and specific requirements for activation may make it less efficient compared to other artifact tutors like Arcum Dagsson or Kuldotha Forgemaster, which can search for any artifact card without the need for sacrificing tokens. Overall, Transmutation Font may see play in casual artifact-themed decks but might not be a top choice for competitive play due to its limitations.

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