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Name Urza, Prince of Kroog Edit card
Type Legendary creature — human artificer
Description Artifact creatures you control get +2/+2. Icons of mtg: Create a token that's a copy of target artifact you control, except it's a 1/1 Soldier creature in addition to its other types.
Flavor "At heart, Urza was an inventor, not a warlord. Over time, the burdens of leadership left him as cold and calculating as his mechanical creations." —*The Antiquities War*
Artist Joshua Raphael
Combos 3 combos with Urza, Prince of Kroog

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About Urza, Prince of Kroog in Magic: the Gathering

Urza, Prince of Kroog, Legendary creature — human artificer, designed by Cosmin Podar first released in Oct, 2022 in the set The Brothers' War and was printed exactly in 3 different sets. It see play in 1 formats: Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.59. It's a key card in 3 combos.






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