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Name Volatile Fjord Edit card
Type Snow land — island mountain
Description (Icons of mtg: Add Icons of mtg or Icons of mtg.) Volatile Fjord enters the battlefield tapped.
Flavor "I watched with my own eyes as Jari Eagle-Caller fell from these cliffs, only to be snatched from the air by a giant bird!" —Iskene, Kannah storyteller
Artist Randy Vargas
Set Kaldheim #273
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About Volatile Fjord

Volatile Fjord, Snow land — island mountain, designed by Randy Vargas first released in Jan, 2021 in the set Kaldheim. It see play in 2 formats: Pauper and Commander. It's currently being selled by the minimum price of $ 0.63.

This card, Volatile Fjord, would be beneficial in a deck that aims to have access to both blue and red mana sources early in the game, such as a tempo or control deck in Magic: The Gathering. While it enters the battlefield tapped, it provides flexibility by tapping for either blue or red mana, allowing for smoother mana fixing. However, there are potentially better options available depending on the specific deck archetype and format, such as Steam Vents which enters untapped and can be fetched with cards like Scalding Tarn. Overall, Volatile Fjord could see play in certain budget or casual decks, but competitive decks may opt for more efficient dual lands.

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Snow is a supertype, not a card type. It has no rules meaning or function by itself, but spells and abilities may refer to it.


Snow isn’t a type of mana. If an effect says you may spend mana as though it were any type, you can’t pay for using mana that wasn’t produced by a snow source.


The Kaldheim set doesn’t have any cards with mana costs that include , but some previous sets do. If an effect says such a spell costs less to cast, that reduction doesn’t apply to any costs. This is also true for activated abilities that include in their activation costs and effects that reduce those costs.

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