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On Field: - Tireless Provisioner - Lotus Cobra - Eternal witness - 1 land that enters untapped In Hand: - Ghostly Flicker ———————————— 1. Cast Ghostly flicker targeting Eternal Witness, and 1 land 2. When Eternal witness enters the battlefield target Ghostly flicker, which is now in your graveyard, so it comes back to your hand 3. When that land enters the battlefield untapped (1) add a blue with Lotus Cobra (2) and create a treasure with Tireless Provisioner (3). 4. With your 3 new Mana Sources repeat this process. ———————————— Infinite Mana, Treasures, Food Tokens, and more if you add (Yarok, the Desecrated, and/or Ancient Greenwarden) Infinite Win con - add Retreat to HagraEdit combo

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