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Llanowar Scout needs to be out of summoning sickness for this to work. You can play Gruul Turf if you haven't played a land yet and this combo still works. Having played your first land and now have all the cards on the battlefield the following occurs. 1. Tap Llanowar Scout activating it's ability. 2. Play Gruul Turf and use it's additional cost of returning a land to your hand to return itself to your hand. 3. Allow Cosi's Ravager's Landfall ability to resolve first doing 1 damage to target player. 4. Allow Retreat to Coralhelm's Landfall ability to resolve to untap Llanowar Scout. 5. Repeat to victory. This combination works with any of the lands that make you return a land to your hand. This combination works with any Landfall creature that damages a player. This combination can also be used for Landfall creature token abilities.Edit combo

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